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Gigs of 2009 – Blur at Glastonbury

January 4, 2010

My mate Tom was so keen on seeing Blur in as close proximity as possible that he went down to the front about 5 hours before they were on.

I myself hung out with some other friends, but they were not as keen as me as being near the front. I suppose there’s a certain benefit in being quite far back, you perhaps get more of a sense of the scale an occasion such as Glastonbury, but I wanted, like Tom, to be amongst the action. I hesitated for a while, but then hitched onto the back of an intrepid train of strangers venturing forwards. I ended up packed tight next to a bunch of morons, who inanely gushed about how much they were looking forward to Song 2. It suddenly seemed a long way back to my friends.

I needn’t have worried. One good thing about the massive numbers of people in front of festival main-stages  is the way the whole crowd surges and you get swept along. Within a few minutes of Blur finally coming on a wave of bodies took me away from the idiots and into a section where everyone knew the words to everything. I was very close to the front, and it was a great novelty to be able to see the band themselves more clearly than their images on the screens to either side of the stage.

The whole Blur saga from part-break up to this reunion has been well documented, and it was wonderful to see them all looking so pleased to be there, all bad memories forgotten, concentrating on what’s really important, namely the music. Coxon even played on the couple of tracks from Think Tank, the album from which he got kicked off, just to show that it’s all patched up properly now. I don’t know if Damon Albarn was very drunk, or just back in the mindset of someone a good ten or fifteen years younger, but he bounced and span around the stage in a manner belying his 41 years of age.

Pretty much everything about this performance was perfect – the setlist was a brilliant collection of their many highlights from their many albums, the crowd went wild, and it was a fitting end to my first Glastonbury.

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