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Gigs of 2009 – The Drums, The Flowerpot, September 19th

December 16, 2009

as december is seemingly devoid of any sort of new release,{great time to start a blog} I shall join the rest of the music-loving world in looking back. including at some of my favourite gigs, like this one.

Saturday 19th September, The Flowerpot.

It was their first London show.

It was free.

Boy George was there.

They were fantastic.

I was introduced to them by a guy I met in New York, over the summer. [Oh look at me , seasoned traveler]

He mentioned his friend was in a band. ‘The Drums’ he said. Did this ring a bell? I wasn’t sure if it did, or whether my mind felt like it had to have heard of a band called that. Probably had just heard of the instrument [Drums].

Apparently they’d been signed almost immediately after starting to gig, he said.

I sounded excited, but was secretly skeptical. All hype and no trousers, perhaps?

Anyway I arrived home, hopelessly jet-lagged, dazed by light where my body clock said there should be night, and found this song. And what a fine song it is too.

Prior to the gig, I only knew this song. I feared a flat half-hour, boredom punctuated only a 3 minute burst of excitement. i thought they might be cool and aloof, New York swagger looking down on the London masses gathered to greet the hype.

But I was wrong. They burst on stage, delighted to be there so it seemed. They had female backing singers on stools, they had a hyperactive tambourine-player. The singer danced round, like Ian Curtis if he had loved ecstasy instead of gloom.

And there was so much to dance to. Every song jumped out as immediately catchy, immediately danceable. Contrary to my expectations, the crowd were the ones left looking aloof, surprised perhaps by these Hip Brooklyner’s unbridled joy.

Eventually people started dancing, and when eventually the song I knew came, it was wonderful, but it didn’t stick out as much as I’d thought it might. Every song was seemingly a potential single, sing-alongable even to a first time listener.

Like everyone else, I left smiling.

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